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Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information & Communication Technology, Gandhinagar

Situated amidst Greenry, in the peaceful environment of Gandhinagar, Gujarat is the place where I am pursuing my B.Tech in ICT. It is none other than DA-IICT. After getting the admission in 2002, we have undertaken a unique curriculum which has a great emphasis on Practical Learning. Further info for the college can be obtained from the institute's web site
I have come across some very learning assignments while at institute. Academics apart, we have completed several equally interesting projects, which I have mentioned in the Projects section.

Extra Curricular Activities
Academics is not the only busy street at DA-IICT, the campus remains abuzz with a lot of student activities as well. Over the years, I have made contributions in the management of several of these events. My major roles in this segment have been:-
  • Student Convenor, DA-IICT Placement Committee
    The Committee is responsible for managing the Campus Placement Fair for the batches of DA-IICT passing in the years 2006 and 2007.
  • Overall Coordinator, Synapse 2005
    Synapse is the annual Techno-Cultural Mega Festival of DA-IICT. Synapse 2005, with 14 corporate sponsors and 38 events witnessed an overwhelming participation. Eminent guests of the festival were Mr. Richard Stallman, Dr. F.C.Kohli, Dr. Kiran Bedi and Pt. Visvamohan Bhatt.

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