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Let me tell you about the various software projects I have done over the semesters at DA-IICT.

3D Home Architect
This application provides the user with a simple drawing canvas on which he/she can draw the map of a house and place furnitures within it as well. The application provides the user with the functionality of interactively navigating through the house in 3 dimensions and keep on editing the map. (More...)

Grid Image Processing Toolbox
This project aims at utilising the power of Grid Computing to implement some computationaly intensive Digital Image Processing algorithms. Local Histogram Equalisation of an image is one among the features implemented. (More...)

Digital Logic Simulator
This software, which is an enhancement of xLogicCircuits is a simulator for Digital Logic Gates that allows hardware circuits to be designed and tested. There are many modes in which the software could be run to help the Freshers or Sophomores in better understanding of the working of Logic Ciruits.(More...)

Mobile Weather Station
The idea of the project is to collect temperature and wind speed information for a location using One Wire Weather Station (OWW) and Tini400. This information is updated periodically on a Server using Tini as PPPClient and Reliance Mobile as the modem. (More...)

Person Tally Using Streaming Video
This application is capable of peforming motion detection and object segmentation in a video feed. It also provides functionalities of directional counting of the no. of persons crossing a specific location. The Area of Interest can be set up dynamically. This application can find its use in security automation. (More...)

RTCA: Real Time CricAnalyser
This software is meant to do the scoring of an ongoing Cricket match, and its subsequent broadcast on the intranet. It takes care of all ICC regulations and does the statistical analysis of scores while providing numerous other functionalities as well. (More...)

Gram Panchayat
This application keeps record of Personal and Property details of the villagers and combines these with the database of the Primary Health Center,Fair Price Shop and the Primary School. This could help in knowing a Panchayat in a better way as well as in its developmental planning. (More...)

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