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Other Projects

Several interesting works have been undertaken as Projects at DA-IICT, here I present a small demonstration.

Company Analysis of Arvind Mills

This was done in a group of 13 students in 5th Semester as a course project in Elements of Business Management. Our aim was to gain basic knowledge in key functional areas of business by studying the related aspects of Arvind Mills, World's largest producer of denim and largest exporter.

The study circled around the understanding of Textile Industry in both Indian plus Global aspect and impact of recent WTO regulations on it; the various practices followed at Arvind Mills i.e. Marketing policies, HR practices, Financial performance and General Management Practices and the study of Arvind Mills's competitors, which were compared in terms of size, product, marketing strategy and financial aspect.

A Project Report was made and a Presentation given as the deliverables of the project.

Republic Day 2003 Multimedia movie.

Together with Prabhat, I made a multimedia documentary titled "53 Years of Indian Republic, a saga of Pride, Power and Prestige" for the Documentary Competition on 26th January 2003. We presented the story of India right from the freedom struggle todate, including Independence, Partition, Wars, Agricultural, Industrial and Economic acheivements, the developments made in all the key sectors and secularity. The narration was in Hindi.

People were on their feet and the theature was roaring with applause while the documentary was being played. Thanks to the audience, we came out to win the First Prize of the contest.

Acoustic Leak Detection in Oil Pipelines

Alongwith Prabhat, Harshit, Vivek and Manu, I did this project in second Semester. We proposed detection of leaks in oil pipelines by measuring the Acoustic characteristics of the flow, and subsequent analysis in the Control Hub to find the exact location of the leak, and raising of an alarm to prevent much loss.
This would help not only the petroleum majors, but also check the adverse environmental effects of such a leak. The system could be used in diverse geographic conditions, so it has won great appreciation from the faculty.

AIDS in India

I did this project in my fourth semester alongwith Amod, Aunindra, Divya and Swetha. We did a detailed study of the history and causes of the spread of the disease in India, Regional Trends and looked towards its Social, Techological & Economical Impacts and evaluated the measures being taken to curb it as well.
We visited NACO office and Sterling Hospital, Ahmedabad and met Dr. Atul K. Patel and Mr. Daxin Bajrange to gain greater knowledge of the subject. All of them were of great help to us.
The final presentation also included screening of "Subah Hone Tak", a documentary on AIDS casting Dr. Sriram Lagoo, given to us by Health Forum, an Ahmedabad based NGO.

To read the Project Report, click here !!!

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