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Digital Logic Simulator

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This project was done in VIth Semester as a part of the course on Software Engineering in a Group of ten: Me, Prabhat, Shalabh, Bhavesh, Luv, Popli, Sh Rajesh, Nitin, Gulati and Anand. We had named our Group as Solutions.

The software developed was an enhancement of xLogicCircuits, with additional gates and functionalities added. The latter was a Java application and not an applet as the former. It is helpful for the Freshers labs in Universities, as it provides the functionalities of simulating a logic circuit by dragging the gates from the library and dropping them on the canvas. The various gates can be connected through wires. Switching on the circuit would then give the logic output depending on the configuration of the circuit designed. A red wire denotes a Logic 1 while a black wire denotes a Logic 0.

Among the other functionalities are the ability to take the print out of the circuit or saving the circuit or adding it to the library itself. The realisation of the circuit could also be done in a step by step mode where one could actually see the logic being simulated across one gate level at once.

All principals of Software Engineering were followed in the development of the project viz. Feasibility Study, Software Requirements Specifications, Design, Implementation, Testing and Release. All the relevant documents are available on request. To read the complete User Guide of the project, Click Here.

Below is the screenshot showing an empty canvas ready for putting gates in Digital Logic Simulator.

Digital Logic Simulator

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