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I was a member of team of 4 with Mrinal, Vinamra and Pritha when we did this project in 4th Semester. It has been done with VB as the front end, while Oracle/Access as the database. It maintains the centralized data of the villagers and has five major sub-sections:-

* Personal Information - Religion, Sex, Age, Address
* Revenue Information - Land Holdings, Cattle, Tax Details
* Health Center - Patient History, Medicine Stock, Health Campaigns
* Fair Price Shop- Stock, Distribution, Supply History of a family
* Primary School- Students, Teachers, Drop Outs

All the above are interlinked and give a broader picture of the panchayat. This could help in knowing a Panchayat in a better way as well as in its developmental planning.

Want a copy of the Software for your village?? Send an e-mail to me !!!

Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of ICT, Gandhinagar

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