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RTCA was developed in Java as part of the course project on Object Oriented Programming in the third semester. The other members of the group were Prabhat Saraswat, Vinamra Jaiswal and Pritha Majumdar. We were successful in coming up with a software which could help in the scoring of an ongoing cricket match and its subsequent broadcast on the intranet. It takes care of all ICC regulations and provides numerous other details as well like

  • Detailed scoring: Strike rate, 6s, 4s
  • Drawing Run Graphs of the innings.
  • Providing Scorecard on intranet and Java enabled mobile phones.
  • Saving scorecards.
  • Maintaing Career record of all the players.
  • Keeping Record of the players of the team.
The software uses Oracle database to save the statistics of the players, and thus their complete profiling can be done. Scorecards of various matches (incomplete/complete) can be saved on local files. Apache Tomcat is used as the server for the application. The Mobile application was tested on SunOne Studio J2ME Emulator.
  • The Software won the Third Prize in Open Software in Synapse 2004
Download the Decription Document to know more about the software.

You can also get an Evaluation Version. Send me an e-mail


Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of ICT, Gandhinagar

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