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The Mobile Weather Station Project was taken up as a part of the course assignment in Embedded Systems Programming course in the Semester VI of B.Tech ICT under the guidance of Prof. Prabhat Ranjan. The members of the project team were Prabhat Saraswat, Swetha Polana and me.

The main idea of the project is to collect weather information (temperature and wind speed) using the One wire weather station (OWW) and Tini400. The weather information is be updated periodically on the Server using Tini as PPPClient and Reliance Mobile as the modem. Solar power is used to run Tini so that the Oww can be mounted on the top of any building and the weather information can be obtained. The whole equipment can now run even in a desert with the help of solar power.


The TINI platform is a micro controller-based development platform that executes code for embedded web servers. The platform is a combination of broad-based I/O, a full TCP/IP stack, and an extensible Java runtime environment that simplifies development of network-connected equipment. The detailed description of Tini400 and the procedure to upload and run java programs on Tini400 is given here.

ONE Wire Weather Station

The project is aimed at communicating with the Dallas 1-wire weather station through TINIm400, and getting weather information viz. Temperature and Wind Speed from it. The information can also be logged in a local file. The type of the weather station used in the project is AAG Version 3. Other supported types are:-
• Original Dallas weather station
• AAG version 2 weather station

The Dallas 1-wire weather station has DS1820, which will give the temperature, and DS2423, which is a counter. The counter counts the number of rotations of the cups. This is used to determine the wind speed.

Uploading data on Server

This task is undertaken as the last phase of the Mobile Weather Station project. The file containing the weather information which was created by interfacing TINI with the 1-Wire Weather station is uploaded on an ftp server by interfacing TINI with a phone which is used as a modem. is required to start the connection between the TINI and the modem. It is here where the Telephone no., Username and Passwords are specified. This programme can be downloaded from the web.RConnect 1.0 Installation Kit and Dalsemi PPP Package are required for the task as well.

TINIm400 and TINIs400

The Project Assembly

Embedded Systems Programming,
Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of ICT, Gandhinagar

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